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MAHOCE provides a safe, secure, and loving home to 33 children.  Think of us as a very large family!  There is a full time Matron and Patron living at the Centre for security and around the clock parenting.

Healthcare & Counseling

Children at MAHOCE have all their healthcare needs met.  Malaria, typhoid fever and UTI are common in Africa and medical treatment is required. We also make sure our children learn about personal hygiene care and receive the products they need.  We teach them about daily habits, such as brushing your teeth in the morning and at bed time and bathing. 

Our healthcare program extends beyond MAHOCE to the children in the community who need such things as soap for bathing and laundry, toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Each Saturday we hold counseling sessions for our children.  Girls and boys have their own individual groups.  Our children come from difficult backgrounds and face many personal challenges.  These counseling sessions are very important to their mental and emotional health.


We provide education to 84 children.  These services reach much farther than our onsite school classrooms.  We support children in the many of government schools, some private schools, and at the advanced education, college and university levels.  Once we take a child under our wing, we want to make sure they are on a solid career path by taking them to the highest academic level they can achieve. This is the only way our children can have a successful life and one free from poverty. As a part of Saturday's Feeding and Distribution Program, we pass out school supplies to needy children in the community so they can continue their education.


We make sure our students have their clothing needs met.  Each child is provided with two school uniforms and school schools.  They also have shoes and clothes for everyday work and play.  We are very grateful when local churches or businesses donate clothing for the children who live at the Centre.  Each child has their own foot locker to store their personal items.  When a child needs new clothing, they come to us with their request and we provide what is needed.  When we can, we take them on a shopping trip! That’s a big treat.


The Centre provides breakfast each morning for the children living at the Centre. Our primary students go home for lunch, which has been prepared by our cook.  We send food to the secondary schools each month for our students' lunch program.  In the evening, a hearty meal is planned by our cook each day. At the end of their school day, the children return to the Centre and help with the final preparation of the evening meal. On Saturdays, we open our doors to the children in the community and provide a nutritious meal as a part of our Saturday Feeding and Distribution Program.

Spiritual Guidance

We recognize the importance of teaching good moral values and having a solid belief system.  Our children come from Christian, Muslim and no religious backgrounds.  Each week we hold Praise and Prayer services, which are Christian in nature.  We encourage all our children to attend hear the lesson and join in the singing. However, we respect the religious rights of each of our children. 



An important initiative at MAHOCE is our Feeding Program. This program consists of two main parts. First, MAHOCE strives that each child living at our Centre receive well-balanced, diverse and healthy meals.

Secondly, MAHOCE provides services to many children in the community, who come from impoverished back grounds and live with caregivers who often struggle to put food on the table. As a result of malnutrition (either on-going or formerly) many of the children MAHOCE services have stunted growth and are underweight for their age.

Malnutrition has many negative affects on children as they grow. They are not only more susceptible to illnesses and longer recovery times but developmental delays. It also impacts their performance in the classroom in a negative way.



The main goal of our feeding program is to provide well-balanced meals to all our children who live at MAHOCE, and to provide a healthy well-balanced meal each Saturday to any child who is registered with our organization.



The main struggle our organization currently face is sustaining resources needed to consistently keep our Saturday feeding program up and running. When our budget falls below a certain threshold and cuts must be made, unfortunately it is our Feeding Program that is the first to go. In 2016 we were able to run our Saturday Feeding Program for just under half the year.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? If you believe in the vital importance of proper nutrition for the health and well-being of growing children please make a donation today.


Our Sustainable Farm Project in Babati, TZ to support vulnerable children.

Our project for orphans and former street children & house girls in Babati, Tanzania has recently acquired a substantial amount of land in a village outside town.

Development of this land will allow our project to reach a significant level of self-sustainability through the ability to grow our own food and to raise our own livestock and implement other income generation projects like raising ducks, chickens and pigs.


girls on land (1).JPG

Proceeds from these projects will be reinvested into our project, reducing our dependence on foreign donors to cover our daily operating costs and be used to support educational opportunities for vulnerable children living within the village where our farm is located.

Infrastructure development of this land will also allow us to increase the number of children we can provide housing for, up from our current level of 30 to over 50. Living on the farm will also ensure our children remain in their own community and cultural context, learning valuable life skills while also being provided with a formal education.

Our project will serve as a model of best practice and training facility for local villagers, allowing them to make the most of the natural resources available in our area.

Our 1st harvest on our new land. With this harvest we were able to get ~400kgs of dried maize, or enough to cover our need for an entire two months.

MAY 2021

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